Welcome to my Blog!

Well, here it is, fresh out of the brick oven. Like Tom Cruise dating Billie Jean King, but with no couch-jumping in public. Like The Bomb, but a country allowed to have The Bomb. Like sitting on the roof watching stars make out with clouds and comets.


This blog makes my heart go third symphony.

go cattle-tromp.

go blee.

This might be a momentous occasion. Like the first time I killed a man. No, no, it’ s not so bad. Relax. And anyway I helped a group of professionals bring him back to life shortly after. This was back when I worked as a nurse in east Tennessee. It was basically the patient’s fault, since he had swallowed a condom full of cocaine and didn’t tell us. The condom burst. TELL YOUR NURSE WHEN YOU SWALLOW DRUGS, people! Geez. Then it was clearly our fault since we injected the wrong meds and he went into a seizure and died. Then our ambu bag exploded. Quite the feeling seeing him dead there. Quite the feeling…(I had been a nurse maybe 2 weeks.)

Kind of like this blog!

I always said if I ever had a blog I would link everyone to a favorite flash fiction, Damian Dressick’s Four Hard Facts About Water. What a blue-crazy-love flash fiction! Great for reading and teaching about segmented flash. A true structural gem here, in that Dressick recognizes we (westerners) read L to R and down. This work unravels to us, with the ending a classic, a Rosetta Stone if you will. Now go write a flash fiction with your own “Four Hard Facts About…” And make the title an oxymoron, please. 🙂

Did I just use an emoticon? Somebody bring me a refreshing glass of hemlock.

Well, I’m off to Nash-vegas and then Memphis, the lowest-down town around. One of the last cities to still have a personality. Then again you might get murdered there. But it will be worth it: Andy Warhol exhibit, tofu nachos, cheesecake, and don’t forget Elvis and the blues.

I’ll bring my camera now that I am a, uh, a…uh, blogger?

(ps: Special thanks to Rachel Lynn Hartley Smith for helping me set up this thang.)


4 responses to “Welcome to my Blog!

  1. man, like you know how to put hyper text, who helped you do that one?

  2. “Did I just use an emoticon? Somebody bring me a refreshing glass of hemlock.”

    he he . . . U R 2 coooool. 😉 Thanks for the thanks.

  3. Man, blog schmog, I’m not impressed

  4. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

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