Erika Lopez Goes Vroom! Vroom!

Some generalizations sing true: The pirate life actually is hard on the legs. 94% of those driving Volkswagen convertibles are female. Gardens often contain naked statues. Many disc golfers are stoners.

But not me.

But I do sometimes prefer to have an entire course to myself. And stoners NEVER rise earlier than noon-thirty. So I played 2 carefree rounds of D golf this morning from 7-9 a.m at Shelby Farms, Memphis. +3, +2. Saw a rabbit, a robin, a marathoner, and a Michelob bottle. Threw the disc like a Street Fighting Man.


Nacho Rating: Black bean BBQ tofu nachos (extra jalapenos) at RP Tracks, Memphis, TN: 9 of 10. Chaka Kahan! Tasted like a Thor moon, or Teen Spirit. Maybe, maybe climbing a significant mountain without bottled oxygen is better. But I doubt it.

Latin American lesbian biker. Canadian John and Canadian John. Do these words stir the capillary? Do you bouyant swim? If not, I pity you. You are a bore (or a liar). But do not fret. Many folks started as bores and then blossomed into fascinating wrecks. Hello Norma Jean…

Speaking of wiping out on a motorcycle (or what we in the ER used to call “donor-cycles”), please read Erika Lopez! I suggest Flaming Iguanas, a mix of verbiage and illustrations and general bad-assness.


If you have no money for books, sell your blood or that X Wing Fighter. Or read the new issue of Six Little Things. Arlene Ang carries poetry in her belly like a submerged city. BANNED FOR LIFE.


2 responses to “Erika Lopez Goes Vroom! Vroom!

  1. Hey, older stoners like me get up naturally at the crack of dawn to play disc golf. I have noticed though, that since I’ve quit smoking cigarettes (of my own volition) and weed (can’t find any nowadays), my disc golf game’s gone to shit.

  2. I see you’ve already sunk to the “here’s what I ate for lunch” blog entry. I guess Frank O’Hara made a living out of that sort of thing, if you call getting run over by a dune buggy “a living.”

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