Books. Brando. I am About to Attend a Dry Wedding.

The books R coming!! The books R coming!!

Blake Butler with a novella! Seems inevitable to me, so I won’t mock surprise here. So congratulations with a big scoop of spotted dog rolling in green grass. Nachos on the house. Words up, and shake something.

I like novellas, their length. They seem like a good lunch, like an Oyster Po Boy in Baton Rouge (particularly that place under the bridge near my brother’s shady apt). Have you eaten alligator? It do not taste like chicken. It tastes like algae, or maybe the bottom of a barnacle.

I fell into a ditch once in Baton Rouge. Possibly a culvert. I was retrieving a Star Stingray disc golf disc. I destroyed my phone, my wallet, and my mother’s key chain. But I got the disc!

My brother’s maintenance man wants to kill him. He saw us throwing a cell phone around in the parking lot (my old one, destroyed by the swamp water) and said to my brother, “What are you doing? Making a bomb?” Uh, no.

He then scowled and said some rambling thing about rental cars and cutting grass and some vague threat thrown in, etc. My brother is worried. I mean the maintenance man has the keys to his life.

My favorite novella is First Love, by Turgenev. Any Russian will do though. I like black bread, vodka, and the word steppes.

I also like Heart of Darkness. To read and teach. Teaching it offers an excuse to show Apocalypse Now, a re-telling of Conrad’s novella and set in the Vietnam War. Brando was paid one million dollars [this in 1978] to show up at the end and play Kurtz. Kurtz is supposed to be ill, emaciated and whacked out, but Brando appeared round and late and whacked out. And he hadn’t read the script. Or the novella, HOD. He stayed a few days, improvised his dialog, and flew away with his cool million.

Apparently a bug landed on his head…

Sam Pink has a book coming! I imagine it as vulgar fun.

Michael Kimball‘s Dear Everybody I know you will read and then wander into the woods and chop paths and ford streams and come upon an area pawed by many animals, a sacred spot, with bits of fur and odd designs and can anyone get Brett Favre to shut the hell up?

This guy has an e-book titled: How to Teach English Online and Get Money.

Eh, ok. I’m not sure if he knows this but everyone I know who teaches English, online or not, gets money. I have yet to see a lot of people teaching English for free.

Teaching English is a tree shaded courtyard.

Teaching English over the grave of my great grandmother.

Teaching English in a ring of salt.


I teach English at Ball State University and get paid and think of it as enjoyable.


The Loudest Sound I Heard Today: My lawnmower, ringing in at 74 decibels. I am often surprised to know so many people with two or three thermometers in their house but not even one decibel meter. But why? I like mowing the lawn. The simplicity, the concrete progress. The smell of beheaded grass. There is a new anti-lawn movement out there, and I do not partake. I would like to own a goat, though.


“Humankind cannot bear very much reality.”

T.S. Eliot.


4 responses to “Books. Brando. I am About to Attend a Dry Wedding.

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  2. That is why branda is a genius. He just walks in, probably had his lines written across the hands of the light guy in front of him. Pushing 300 pounds and just generally be a bad ass.
    And to compare that to this character in on the water front and street car named desire.

  3. thanks Sean. i want to read your collection! now!

  4. Yeah, Sean, I want to read your collection, too. Where where?

    We are kin of some sort, with the HOD and AN love. I watched Apocalypse Now when I had a horrible sinus infection and hadn’t slept in three days. It was an experience. Love Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, though. Kicked my face in.

    And then Russian novellas and vodka and steppes . . . superb.

    Can’t wait for novellas of Blake and Sam, too. Smashing. Smashing.

    Dear Everybody is a force. You have described exactly what I did after reading it. It is a powerful novel to make motivate me to manual labor.

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