Transitory Particulates Become I Ching Hexagrams 57 and 59

Gentleness: Wind over wind
Suggests homecoming

A month in the tumbler does not to the bottle
smashed in the christening do what two miles
and a decade will do to darken the beery
I do and frost the floozy common and clearest
not one in ten thousand a chip off that rare red
glass to the dashing found in the wavewash

Dispersion: Wind over water
Ninety years and a mirror begins to spackle
metallic grey tailings magnetic as road dust
clouding the quartzite eye of the agate
the girl tonguewicks her mouth roofed
with peanut butter she presses her grief next
utterance ferrous sticky with riddance

by K. Alma Peterson

{From qarrtsiluni magazine}


I have a new story over at the low-down magazine Truckin’.

Go read it with a pair of surgical tongs.



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