Dogzplot is a Popemobile. My Kavu Wallet is Broken.

My brother is here. We are fishing, eating nachos, betting on horses, drinking Newcastle.


Yep, I’m in the new Dogzplot, with a little prayer/prosey/FF thing.

Review: The summer 2008 Dogzplot has arrived like a splinter bamboo forest, reaching up into your minds, splitting sidewalks of verve, wrapping around your denying of the deed, growing chug-wards, clinging to your age of the automobile and your little catalog of madness. It reads like a lightning bolt straight down your damn chimney.

Ravi Mangla brings it hard, with “Popemobile.”

Check this sentence: “His teeth are coruscating in the late afternoon sun.” I had to go look up coruscating. It means to sparkle and glitter.

Ravi blogs here:

I once saw Ravi at a Nacho convention in Austin, TX but Ravi didn’t see me so don’t ask Ravi what I was wearing.

Also in this issue is a poem by j.r. pearson titled “OLEV EPMO”

This poem was workshopped in Time, but it glows.

Pretty much all of this issue I admired. The one exception being the Lovelace piece. The Lovelace piece reads like lint on a roadway leading to a beige room. It is derivative dreck. It frecks me. I read it, fell asleep, tried to read it again, developed a detached retina, fell asleep again, then finally unplugged my computer and hurled it through the coruscating glass of my oven door.



3 responses to “Dogzplot is a Popemobile. My Kavu Wallet is Broken.

  1. Hey Sean! I really liked the Dogzplot piece– Which isn’t surprising, because I think you have yet to disappoint. Enjoy the nachos with your brother!

  2. Nice work in Dogzplot, Sean. Running is indeed the new religion of choice. It seems appropriate that one ought to sweat a lot in order to make contact with the spirit, and be dead tired when finished.

  3. I’m enjoying the way you employ words, the startling juxtaposition of these, for instance:

    It is derivative dreck. It frecks me.

    Nice. In our modern, filtered-water climate for language, this is refreshing. Subscribing to your RSS.

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