Cella’s Birthday Party. Madonna Again. Celery Demands.

Cella’s Round Trip party last night. There was Nintendo and the greatest Mexican beer I know (Pacifico) and also bowling and various wines and vegetables and THIS:

For every croon of cheese. For every vindication. Every blur.

For brown paper bags of spring onions.

For black beans unblocking your chi.

For avocado’s formless freedom.

For a hipper beat of lettuce.

For Serrano peppers softly ticking in the cupboard.

For the 26 year old Melbourne man who ate packaged Mexican (Nachos to Go) and is now paralyzed for the rest of his life due to botulism.

(Who the hell eats packaged nachos?)

For Kenny and Spenny.

For John David Lovelace and his girlfriend. His girlfriend mixes cheese and butter and pours them over her nachos.

(I’m not sure how I feel about the butter thing.)

For nacho cheese.

And cheese nachos.

(they are not the same)


In the news…

1.) Author says, “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.”

Then tells a neat story about Barnes and Nobles being jerks…

2.) Author of silly children’s books kicks the arse of Tolkien, Dickens, Shakespeare.

3.) Authors Like to Read About Self!!

(shocker–what’s next they check their blog stats?)

4.) Author says Madonna actually a bright woman.


3 responses to “Cella’s Birthday Party. Madonna Again. Celery Demands.

  1. sean is my favorite aggressive blogger, noshit

  2. haha. you mix butter with flour..then milk…then add cheese. nacho cheese sauce!

  3. Man! We forgot to pause for you to read your awesome ode to the nachos! I remembered this on the drive home after the party and (because I had had a little too much wine) I cried.


    Madonna’s brother sounds like an ass. She celebrated her birthday this month too – the big 5-0. The Material Girl will now start getting ads for Depends in the mail. 😦

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