Kick it. Whiskey Authors. America Loses Nobel Again. Cough Syrup.

Woke up and ran a little fartlek on the treadmill:

2 minute bursts…10-11.6 mph. (6 min mile to 5:10 min mile pace)

Felt pretty solid, decent flow.


Kim Chinquee keeps changing the photo on her blog. This one has an Andy Warhol, 80’s album cover feel. Kind of retro yet able to enjoy a glass of wine.

I thought her recent No Colony piece was one of her edgier.


Joyce Richardson had a nice family text in Six Little Things.

Reminds of the Eastern European saying: “At least my neighbor’s cow is dead, too.”


I am heading to Chicago.


Listened to Bill Barich speak a few days ago, here at good ol’ BSU. He’s been in Ireland for 8 years, but is now working on a new book, a homage to Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley. Barich is likewise driving across America, though I believe he’s taking along less bourbon than Steinbeck packed into the little pop-up camper.

Barich is a thoughtful, soft-spoken guy with a trove of witty and knowledgeable New Yorker stories and writerly stories and types of stories told around a couple dank beers.

Instead of re-telling these stories, I want to actually focus on the soft-spoken nature of his talk. We were in a small room, with students, so there was some murmuring in the back, and naturally a cell phone rang several times. And his stories developed slowly, the pacing gradually building to the point, or climax, of the narrative. He sort of rolled them out there…the exact type of pacing you would expect from a serious essayist. And was the narrative pacing a result of his years in Ireland? Of a storytelling culture?

This is all conjecture…

It made me think about his essays, or longer, more developed essays in general; and how maybe the audience of today is somehow geared to LOUD, and QUICK, and 1500 words only please!

Even the New Yorker has started (the last few years) to shorten and shorten their essays, and of course Rolling Stone did a whole makeover to shorter, brighter nonfiction. Don’t even get me started on Rolling Stone, once a music magazine. Once. But to my point, would they publish some of Hunter S’s ramblings now? Or edit them into snapshots with a glossy photo of a dew-dropped Budweiser?

Who knows?

Then maybe I’m old.

But something is changing…


““There is no such thing as bad whiskey. Some whiskeys just happen to
be better than others.” —Faulkner


I used to have a rat terrier. It bit any dog within reach. It bit people. If off its leash, it would run for miles away and never return. Years ago, it ate a twenty dollar bill and all of my girlfriend’s underwear. It was a bad, bad dog.

Now dead.

possibly missed, a little…



9 responses to “Kick it. Whiskey Authors. America Loses Nobel Again. Cough Syrup.

  1. As a person who enjoys articles and such on music, god…rolling stone is a joke. Flip to their music review section someday, their new thing is that they give every single artist a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars. Now, when I think five stars, I think beatles, I think bob dylan, etc…. the best…
    Yet, they will throw a 4.5 on a fucking backstreet boys cover band.
    now that don’t make any sense.

  2. The New Yorker started to shorten their articles (and fiction) when Tina Brown took over. It was all the scandal for a bit but it’s been a decade or so since that changed. They still do some great stuff.

    Rolling Stone is a pretty bad music mag (I like Magnet, but I have my probs with them too) but I think they do a great job on politics:

    Yeah, people like shorter stuff. Sigh.

  3. I never want to hear the words Tina Brown.


  4. I don’t know, running a treadmill at 5 minute pace is like driving a honda civic 150 miles an hour. Keep running, keep writing.

  5. I respectfully disagree.

    This is a 3000 dollar treadmill, and I’ve run a ton of 5 minute miles on treadmills. I think it makes u wicked.

    Treadmills are soft surface, steady, accurate. I don’t suggest a person do ALL their training on one, but, you can hide away on one, and show up at a road race FIT.

    Then again a cheap treadmill can shred u.


  6. Sorry, I was jesting, the treadmill has been a friend to me and I have even dabbled in the sub 6 territory.

    I do think it’s awesome that you are running again, and I know how good it feels to come back from injury.

  7. I told you Ernest wasn’t that bad…I thought he was a good dog, minus the biting and all

  8. I am heading to Chicago too (I’ll be asking for monetary donations). I will be seeking good whiskey. Chinquee is too cute; ‘makes me nervous . . .

  9. no, earnest wasnt a bad dog, minus the biting,
    and ALL.

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