Nachos. Dean Koontz sucks. Staplers. Seagulls Stole my Action Figure.

I just beat my brother BAD in online Scrabble, the Facebook deal. No big achievement since he is a drug addict. It was like taking ovular wailing from a katydid. Cake. Playing my brother is like leaping off a cliff and praying for gravity to assist you downward.


Now he is getting “treatment” in a California hospital. I find this annoying. Why do people with money (he has money–gods know why; the world is unfair, etc.) always go to CA for rehab? Well, we’ll see. This is his 11th rehab. Funny thing is how the court systems in Louisiana are paying for the flight.

Wonder why this country is bankrupt?


I rarely get into this type of things, but what the hell?

Grandmother who kills FIVE husbands is released on bail.

If I was at Golden Corral, like say, 4 pm, I would NOT hit on this woman. Just my advice.


Also in the news..

Author asks, “Am I the only person left who doesn’t use pussy soap?”

Mob is seriously going to kill this author.

Dean Kootz is going to write a fucking book about his dog.



What to eat for dinner? I have tomatoes, tortillas, some VERY hot sauce…

Now these are minimalist nachos, but also simple is the atomic bomb: One little fusion goes overcritical, and the world explodes.


These nachos tasted like quiet streams preparing for an ambush.


Spent a night in Chicago in a “luxury” hotel. You know you’re “luxury” if your sink looks like this:

Very zen.

Some bastard dropped a champagne bottle in there…



5 responses to “Nachos. Dean Koontz sucks. Staplers. Seagulls Stole my Action Figure.

  1. i first thought this said, “Dean Young Sucks,” and i double-taked with something of a, “wh..whaaaa?”

    then i realized Dean Koontz was your target, read the corresponding article, and thought, “wow.. that book sounds like complete (dog)shit.”

    nachos, for the win.

  2. That photo of the sink gets a 2.5. Way to sell the third dimension.
    Also, that scrabble game is a one time deal. My letters, dear readers, were before and after switching, somewhere in the vein of, “aeiiiou,” “uuuiote” etc…
    And as far as my drug problems…listen,
    have you ever tried to run a reference desk?

  3. I like these nachos I liked the links, too That German book sounds sort of interesting.

  4. Sean actually sucks at Scrabble

  5. ha ha
    i hear you beat him every time D.
    its on.

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