Quickies Chicago. Women with Bombs.

I like flash fiction or any short, compressed thing is all Transylvania, all seeking shelter and inhale, and am so excited to be asked to join the Quickies Chicago AWP reading.

I tried to bum my way into the reading a while back, and was told no. Then out of nowhere they email me and say yes. Hmm. Pretty cool. And this reading is seven arrows strong!!


Peter Markus (I would like to take him fishing)

Robert Lopez (Owes me 14 dollars)

Blake Butler (Needs to work on his running technique–I can hear the feet slapping)

Kim Chinquee (Changed her blog photo once again)

Brian Evenson (Run, walk, crawled to the top of the tower)

Joe Salvatore (Has a crush on the church deacon)

Janet Desaulniers (Is smarter, more centered, more talented than all of us, I feel)

Jac Jemc (Once brought me a chiffon cake at a party)



I am on a new nacho streak, 20 days.

Nachos and nachos, messy and mutable, combining differently with one another from day to day – even hour to hour.

And so on.




I found a New Years work online. It involves joblessness and drink.

Tom Mahoney, “Scrape.”


I am thinking about resolutions.

To only drink on weekends?

To write every day?

To thunk.



6 responses to “Quickies Chicago. Women with Bombs.

  1. right on i am glad you got your act together and started acting like a champ. let’s have nachos beforehand. is there somewhere in chicago that will be righteous enough?

  2. there’s a place called “de pasada” that has really good steak burritos. i assume their nachos are similar in taste. plus, there’s a girl that works there with huge breasts and she is nice too.

  3. I have been to Chicago maybe 6 days total, so sampled only 14-15 places. I think we can find nachos in Chicago about as easily as finding mayonnaise in Muncie, IN.

    I will be researching.

  4. really nice regis piece on diagram. felt very new. i liked.

  5. Thanks!

    Reege is the Reege is the Reege.

  6. We’re happy to have you join us at Quickies! I like to think I got some kind of psychic message to add you to our line-up just days before your Rose Metal win. I will gladly pat myself on the back and take full credit for your success. Also, nachos? Hell yes, always available in Chicago.

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