Hybrid Early Cosmic Sky. Gamble Away my Spleen.

Wow. Saw this over at Adam Robinson’s blog. It just makes you think. Makes you glow a bit…CRANK IT UP! I really can’t wait to show this to my students at BSU.


I’d like to thank everyone for the comments on the Rose Metal deal. Seriously. I hope to see all of you I can at AWP Chicago. Anyone who wants to score some nachos and a refreshing beverage, please join me!

Also for a run through the city?

Or at Quickies Chicago reading?


The word “nachos” first appears in English in 1949.


I just bought some chapbooks at ML Press:

Jac Jemc

Kim Chinquee

These chapbooks sold out more quickly than nine dollar VCRs at Walmart, so I’m very happy to get my order in.





Seriously. AVOID THIS DIP. The worst dip I have ever dipped. It has the consistency of talk radio, dishonest, Bad Faith, condescending, assuming we are all in the 5th grade. It tasted like soggy cardboard, or that sock you lost. It had the tonal qualities of Chuck Norris. The smile of Greta Van Susteren. It was thin, soupy, limestone aftertaste with a hint of Plasticine. I kept thinking, “Dead trees. Or critical essay. Etc.”

Who in the hell buys lite dip anyway?


I put all my cash on the Cardinals. Then I let it ride on the Eagles. I am on what they call a roll. Anyone got any tips for next weekend? I’m going to bet it all!!


Fuck off, Tommy.


6 responses to “Hybrid Early Cosmic Sky. Gamble Away my Spleen.

  1. Sorry about the dip. I should have warned you. All their dips are horrible. You should try some good old fashioned Riggins French Onion dip. You can get it at Walmart; it comes in an orange and white container. If you don’t like Riggins, you should maybe just stop trying French Onion dip.

  2. Okay, so yours was ranch not french onion. Seriously, though, try the Riggins. I can guarantee it isn’t lite!

  3. Your gambling seems to consist mainly of professional sports and state lotto. Sounds like somebody needs to diversify their portfolio.

    Turtle Racing
    Bird-Singing Competitions
    Fan Tan
    Disc Golf hustling
    Miniature Golf hustling
    Just hustling, though I’m still working out how you can gamble on this.

  4. Andrew, I ate all of your hot sauce. Very good, esp on venison.

    I need ranch dip tips!

  5. There is a place in Greenwood that still sells that sauce. If you end up wanting more, let me know and I’ll pick some up next time I’m down.

    Here’s a pretty kickin ranch dip. Granted, it’s from a site called “chick’s paradise,” but it’s like that Sure deodorant–strong enough for any man. Enjoy.


    PS: SmokeLongs just rejected my story. I’ve never gotten such a terse form rejection.

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