Nachos. KGM. Bolts of Oak.


Joey brings it with this visitor nacho submit!

Wow. Those have Mediterranean influence all over them, and most likely taste like a good ol’ high school Chevy Impala neutral slam with a fishtail over speed bump of. Sha-Bam! Insane to the kidney flux, to the buying dolls, to the Bambi reflex of oak. Bolts of oak. Bolts of hiding things. Passing your friends in the turning lane. I would watch for aluminum ions in that crinkly pan, but everything else looks blue to the purr, to the molten day we kiss the speakers (pun/anti-pun)


My issue of Ever arrived.

I will read it, with eagerness and blue, right after I work through a summons, two smallish checks, a subpoena, one of the last remaining print newspapers, and Kyle Minor’s book.

I will blog that thing soon, though, with GLEE.


I had a graduate student last year. His name is Nathan Neely. Here is his new text in the groovy new elimae. Most people aren’t funny, not really, and they sure as hell aren’t funny in print. This piece I thought was actually very funny. Way to go, Neely! Me like.


Ok, KGM, I thought you might like this photo. Note the little collection beginning at the top of one of my favorite paintings.



I don’t blog so well today. I am tempted not to PUBLISH. But why not? Maybe I’m down, or just dry right now. Maybe the things of life fall apart, regather, fall apart.




2 responses to “Nachos. KGM. Bolts of Oak.

  1. Love the painting. Thanks for the props.

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