Chinese Super Bowl Tax the System


Debbie Ann Eis writes about light sockets in 2007 elimae. Wow. Me Like.


I don’t eat Nachos every single day. Only mostly. But things slip, they slide. It happens. I am not arguing for a life/existence this way, (or a day) sans Nachos, but it happens. I’ve actually gone TWO days, twice. Both times were traumatic; I had tremors, dog-seizures, ventricular fibrillation, tics of the ears, throat, triangles lodged in my aorta, etc. I might blog later about those 4 days (doubtful).

And, since “they” (I hate they, whomever) say bloggers should be honest, I did not beat my 41 days record-in-a-row of nachos. I went 32. Yawn. Then I dropped this, spicy:


Photo blurred for some whatnot. But then I was like FUCK IT, blurry will be all arty, all bloggy cool.



Bodog’s new Superbowl betting slogan is BET OR DIE.

Wow. Relax, shady guys in Antigua. Bet or die?

SUPERBOWL betting! Well, I have a chunk of money I won on the playoffs, and here we are, the final game. I don’t want my sporting bet account to actually show a profit, so I need to bet it ALL before the big game. To glisten in the glow of zero, of losing. So I went big chunk on PITT and the UNDER parlay.

With the rest I did the following prop bets:

Total passing yards Ben Roethlisberger: Under 219.5

MVP of the game: Willie Parker

MVP of the game: Kurt Warner

(What? What kind of ass–word eliminates one bet by making another? This is like the guy I saw in a Miss casino who would bet red AND black on roulette, in the same spin)

Who will have more pass receptions, L. Fitzgerald or A. Boldin? Boldin. (I placed quite a bit on this one. I like this bet.)

Total rushing yards on Willie Parker’s first attempt. OVER 3.5 yards.


Who bets against this man?


Update post-game (Thanks Boldin. I was trying to lose ALL my money)



Here is an article about how everyone hates Jonathan Safran Foer.

Ir reminded me of lights on.



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