Hubble. Heartbreak Hill of. The Sex Life of the Fantastic Four by Martone.

I think I will do a short post today, since we have professor candidate visits this week and I am entering Big Training mode for Boston, along with all of my family, writing, whatever duties. Oh yeah grading. Also a cup of sake sits somewhere I need to drink…Really, tonight, sushi.

Then I am gearing up for my review of Mary Miller’s Big World.

Coming Soon!


New decomP is out, people.

I like this Corey Mesler poem.


My treadmill lift motor is fucked. Not good. Since I am training for a certain marathon known for a world famous hill (really series of). Then the fitness place says the part will be in March 25. Huh? Great customer service, Life Fitness, you douche bags.

My marathon is April 20!!!

So I just put two bricks under the front section, lifting the grade %, maybe 3 to 5 or something? Feels about that.

Does anyone know how to measure and figure grade percentage on an incline?


Dropped 10 smooth miles this morning and experienced a major “Runner’s High” miles 8-10. I felt like flying, an effortless flow. Been a while for me, since experienced runners don’t really get the huge highs of opiate receptors, due to tolerance and so on. So it’s a bonus for me. I felt incredibly alive, crackling and meaningful for a few minutes, I’ll tell you that. My body felt like it belonged in flow, and I believe–in the eons/evolutionary sense–we really are meant to run.

I could have been a Tarahumara. They drink and smoke before their runs and these races go for hundreds of miles!! I wish I had been born into their tribe. I really do. Maybe next time??

By the way, this what the Tarahumara wear on these ultra marathon runs. OK….


If I wore those shoes, my heel would split into 9 sections.

I pray I am ready for Heartbreak Hill.

Here is Lance giving it a try.


I’ve wanted that hill for many years. So let’s do this thing.


“What does the Hubble Telescope tell us? It’s a ridiculously large universe from which no clear message emerges..”

John Updike


I just heard I’m going to be in Second Run, with Amiri Baraka, Ander Monson in the issue, etc.


I feel like the dog in the big movie. Like I can say, “Look at this big movie I’m in.” And people will go, “Yeh, but you’re still a dog.”

Check out this Martone!!




3 responses to “Hubble. Heartbreak Hill of. The Sex Life of the Fantastic Four by Martone.

  1. You can figure the slope by dividing the rise by the run. I am not sure if that helps at all.

  2. Good luck with Heartbreak Hill, man.

    Those Martone pieces are excellent. I heard Martone read the Fantastic Four piece a couple years ago in Michigan. Good stuff, of course.

  3. Hi all,

    New to the forum, just thought I’d introduce myself 🙂

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