Submit to Lit Mag, the Crystal Gavel.

Ander sent me a review about a really swell crystal gavel. So I added a review to the really swell crystal gavel. Come on guys and girls, let’s create our own little Amazon literary magazine here.

Add your review.

Crystal Gavel




9 responses to “Submit to Lit Mag, the Crystal Gavel.

  1. This is so funny…I just submitted mine.

  2. So great! I will write one tomorrow.

  3. Oh boo. I wanted to play, but being from the UK amazon US won’t let me post one.

  4. Ha. Ha. Happy to join in the fun.

  5. The fucks of the world (Amazon suits) are already trying to shut down our “reviews” (I think it literature).

    PLEASE add to the mag, folks.


  6. hahaha. i love this.

  7. FUN. Submitted under Gaia . Very hard to keep it clean.

  8. Darby sent his after I sent mine, and his is there and mine isn’t. Are you not allowed to use the word “crappy”? I’m in a really crappy mood now because crappy Amazon didn’t approve my crappy review for their crappy site on this crappy day in this crappy town where all the coffee is so crappy I want to switch to crappy orange juice.

  9. Indeed, Molly. You are not allowed CRAPPY. Also fuck or shit or douche bag, or even stupid-ass. Amazon is a bunch of wad-tighty druds.

    Try a synonym for crappy. Like crunky-thud.

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