Nachos as Big as Your Ass.

The reader pics are rolling in!

Ken Baumann brings it!


Words in Place drops a little cereal on us…


I’ll add a great parking sign from Guam.



Toronto, November 4 (UPI): The new dancing Diagram can be worth over a thousand pounds sterling to their owner and can make more money on a good day—over a hundred pounds sterling—than the average Bulgarian would earn in a month. There are thought to be approximately 25 new Diagrams in Bulgaria, all of which have been poached from the wild or bought from disreputable zoos. Typically, the new Diagrams were taken when young cubs and forced to undergo a training regime, being pinned down and staked out on the ground while their noses were pierced with a thick iron ring on a chain. From that day on, the new Diagrams have been slaves to the whim of their owners, with the slightest movement of the chain causing them agony and enabling their owners to make them perform a “dance” in a desperate effort to avoid the pain of the chain.


I had disc golf tourney on Saturday. I won swag. I love swag. Free is the new pink. Swag. Swag. The casserole of swag.




The doorbell just rang, making my heart tremble. It’s a weird world where someone coming to your door freaks a person out, but that’s the very world we live in. I thought about doing the ignore the doorbell act, but went ahead and answered. Some guy wanted to cut my trees. He said something about overhanging limbs, something about pulp, some other terms I didn’t get.

I said, “I’m good.”

He talked some more.

I said, “I got it. I’m good.” (This time I did a nonverbal, a wave-off)

He said, “Why are you wearing one shoe? Did I catch you undressing?”

Now that was a bit much. I closed the door.


I’m still not sure why I was wearing one shoe.


I am 14 days away from Boston and have R hamstring problems and L foot problems but besides that I am all good.




5 responses to “Nachos as Big as Your Ass.

  1. Thanks for the link, Sean. Very cool. The pic however has flown the coop.

  2. dude, very worried about you injury the all out shit of your self running boston.
    can you take it easy until then?

  3. Yeh, it’s cool. I am just going to enjoy the race and run very slowly. Considering my injured training, my goal is to just finish.

  4. I hate the doorbell ringing. I also hate my mobile ringing. I look at it like it’s evil and ignore unless it’s my mum/spouse/kids/school. The home phone I don’t mind, why would that be different?

    Also, the doorbell; I think it’s the police come to arrest me, or evil.

  5. On mickey, it was always such a big huge deal when the doorbell rang. Of course, now I chalk that up to paranoia from the top brass.
    But man, the peaking behind the curtain.
    the slow apprehensive opening of the first door…

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