Jesus Beer Greg Oden is Clinically Depressed.

The face of Jesus…?



The Hobart Baseball issue is good coin. What should I suggest here? Well, I adore all persona fiction, so let’s start with Manny.

I would also hit this. Very Martone. I like.

Ah, Hobart…



My brother has been a loyal reader of professional basketball player Greg Oden’s blog and has often sent me links and tidbits. We both notice that Greg Oden is clinically depressed. Since I worked for years as psychiatric RN professionally, I am concerned. I thought I would add a new feature on my blog that tracks and comments on Greg Oden’s clinical depression.

First thing, Greg, drinking cheap wine from a box (while you are supposed to be rehabbing an injury) will only increase your depression. This is just a fact of serotonin and self-remorse. I will say your pals are clearly hip guys.


Now let’s analyze that blog.

Here is Greg’s post from the All Star break

I love the All-Star Break. I had so much fun, got so much rest that i feel refreshed. I have sleep to 2 in the afternoon everyday almost, i told people to not wake me when i sleep ill wake up on my own, thats how i know i slept as long as i could. I keep my phones on vibrate all the time anyways so that wasnt a problem at all. I am in Indiana so im away from all the maddness that was in phoenix. I did have to go for one day though, and i had a blast. The rookie and sophomore game i was selected to play in. I didnt participate because i am nursing a knee injury. I still got to go enjoy the festivaties. The game was cool except the rookies lost, and since im considered a rookie i lost. Other than that everything was cool and fun. While i was there I had a appearance with Spalding an unvailing of there new item. The IHoop which is a very cool thing, its a basket with a ipod dock and speakers on it. It has to be plug up though but its really cool i hope they send mine to my moms house soon. It wont be coming out till this summer but its really nice, i advise people to check it out. Now i will enjoy my last day of break by doing absolutely nothing.

1.) Greg obviously suffers from hypersomnia.

2.) Greg seems to “sleep ill” in his own eloquent wording.

3.) Greg feels life is “maddness”

4.) Greg feels he “lost” in a game he didn’t even play. That game is obviously Greg’s life.

5.) Greg shills product with a little less than zeal…I wonder what his sponsors think? The IHoop “has to be plug up” and I get the feeling this annoys Greg. Greg does not like anything he has to plug up, and you know this must make his daily life hell.

6.) The final line is a classic, and a certain sign of crushing apathy.

Greg Oden, I hope you get some help.





4 responses to “Jesus Beer Greg Oden is Clinically Depressed.

  1. I would like to point out that though sean sometimes makes funny little anecdotes and what not, that the former excerpt from greg oden’s blog is in fact: GREG ODEN’S BLOG.
    the dude is seriously ill.
    notice his ” I am McLovin” shirt. what does that mean?
    And, just to reiterate the bizarreness of him pausing to mention that the product he sponsors is ok…but it has to be plugged in!!!!!!

  2. ***note***
    I just want to note that Greg Oden is a professional. Do not try to sleep ill unless you are a professional

  3. i see another career possibility here: ghost-blogger for the wealthy and uneducated…..

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