26.2 Miles Later…

Too shredded to blog right now (my legs feel like two highway dogs fighting over a strand of barbed wire), and so will enjoy a long-honored Boston tradition: drinking a big-ass Sam Adams (or 3).

But I will say this about my race performance: There is only one way to get this glittering hardware…

(except for Ebay or mugging someone scrawny, like me)


(Check that one off the Life List, folks)



16 responses to “26.2 Miles Later…

  1. Nice work, Sean. Did you win? :p

  2. Yes, I did win the Boston Marathon, and will spend the several hundred thousand dollars later.


  3. Haha. I only ask because I saw the list of winners on ESPN a few hours ago.

    That’s quite a feat, though, regardless of placement.

  4. I never doubted you for a minute 🙂 Congrats and glad it went well …. now come on home. Enjoy your lllloooonnnnnggggg drive tomorrow.

  5. Holy crap. Congrats on your necklace-ery. Those pics on the post below are scary-scary. Holy crap. Holy crap. Congrats.

  6. Congratulations, Sean!

  7. hoo-ray! I saw a snippet about the marathon on the local news this morning – I thought I spotted you – were you one of the camoflauged gents carrying 50 lb. packs?

  8. Congratulations, Sean! You are a badass. My wife has been running half-marathons for a couple of years, and based on what I’ve seen, running a marathon is hours of physical punishment and it becomes a sort of religious experience; a compact version of the desert vision quest. Just seeing runners cross the finish line is an emotional experience.

    Hey, you should make jewelry out of your toenails after they fall off.

  9. you ran the second half faster than the first half, smart pacing, congrats

  10. you’re the man.

    enjoy the sam adams.

  11. Thanks all. Finally back home. Whew. I am going to wear my Boston jacket until it falls off, then plan my next marathon.


  12. dang dude. you are a banger

  13. Just wanted to keep you from having 14 comments

  14. I thought the boston marathon had been bombed,how the hell did you survive?

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