Robot Melon YB Disc Golf Nacho Tammy Magazine Huh?

I played a disc golf tourney this weekend with a bunch of friends. Ander Monson won. I got second overall, and snagged these:

1.) A second place ribbon.

2.) A sick-ass San Marino Roc. (D golf nerd talk here)

3.) A bottle of dank-ass whiskey.

4.) A Pizza Hut gift card.

5.) A Cleveland Cavs knit cap. Second place makes sense for this cap, as you know.



Me got stuff in the new Robot Melon.

There are exactly Seven Types of Poem. You want to argue the fact? Huh? Seven, seven only, my friends.

I got some bone marrow stuff in there, too, but who cares? Let me lead you to a much better poet, and a person whose work I adore (I would most likely adore her personally, but we have never met [we will]): Arlene Ang.

If you haven’t read Ang, you might want to Ebay a clue, my young friends. Here:

What Happens to the Postwoman When She Stops

Delivering the Mail


I am digging this new Lit Mag named Tammy. Will caterwhomp a report soon. Very language/love-of oriented, so am cranking like startling eyes.



I write about Anne Sexton and The Meaning of Life (#22) in the new YB.

Lots of great authors here! Check Molly Gaudry. I especially like the commentary, a glimpse at artistic process, at flow and verse and kiss (muse/lightning).

“I am both nervous about admitting what I have to say next, and excited by it:”

Who wouldn’t read on? Good work and insights, Molly.

Check Meg Pokrass. I wish the title was nachos, not tacos. But still a great piece.


If I only knew what to eat for dinner. I have no ingredients, only these leftovers. Fridge dregs. A dead man’s warm breath…OK, I’m being dramatic. I will think of something…hmm.



Love u all:



6 responses to “Robot Melon YB Disc Golf Nacho Tammy Magazine Huh?

  1. Too bad you don’t know how to drink whiskey, that is a good starting place.

    Been on somewhat of a binge since, um, unemployment. Went clean last night, plan on red or even chilled white tonight. Who knows?

    A mixing, a grab bag, a potpourri, if you will, of licking the black wall of late. These things, hopefully, like summer, will pass.

  2. why is maker’s “dank-ass”?

  3. Uh, Makers is “dank” because we are internet friends (though we met 1-2-1, but you get my point). If you knew me, you would know:

    1.) Sean drinks a lot.
    2.) Sean NEVER drinks whiskey. Because he goes crazy. Like hallucinations and beat-downs of self. I have not drank a drop of whiskey in 10+ years, so know NOTHING.

    So I will drink Makers and go crazy now.


  4. great…go crazy

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Sean. And congrats on 2nd place. I hail from Cleveland, and everyone knows there are no fans like Cleveland fans, so wear that hat with pride, buddy!

  6. Sean, pour it over ice and a little water. You will be fine.

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