The News in the Note of C. Next Marathon?

I got up this morning and wrote my ass off. I wrote about Memphis (TN not Egypt). This is unfortunate since I am a distance runner and don’t have much of an ass. It is hard and scrawny. My mom said her trainer said, “If you have two dents in your butt, you are in shape.”

I have two dents in my butt.

But I always know when I am in “racing shape” because I can not sit in any wooden or metal chairs, like table chairs and so on. My ass will hurt too much. So that’s how I know. This seems very bloggy. To write about butt-dents. Well, at least it’s not calling someone on a cell phone and asking, “Where are you?”

Or fucking Twitter!

Die Twitter!

But I was proud to write that long on a project. I am an unreliable, sometimes insane writer, and might go days, then might write something while drunk at midnight. Luckily, I am a relatively bad writer, so I don’t need too much concentration.

Today I got two email acceptances. That felt OK. I would say where, but one of the pieces I have now changed considerably and want published anew, so sent an email back; and the other I sent some correspondence back on things and am waiting. Sorry to be vague, but have to take care of my bizness, no?

They are print mags.

My big-ass book/collection is out to a contest and then a publisher is reading it now and deciding. I got great feedback from a publisher and it seems maybe close, but we will see. Again, vague. Sorry…

Getting a book published seems like a long, uncertain journey, through sour taffy dropped in sand maybe.


Ander Monson sent me this link. I really do like it. I mean it’s funny, and you know most links people send are never really so funny. Tnen you have to reconsider the people who sent the link. Then again Ander is actually smart and funny (read his book/books!), so it’s a credibility link-send thing.


Speaking of running, I have decided on my next marathon: THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE MARATHON

Wow, all military and shit. This should be weird. They do a flyover and a USAF captain places the metal over your neck, if you finish. I hope he doesn’t recruit or try to kiss me, too, but whatever. I don’t know…Main reason I’m running it is because it’s 1.5 hours away and I am only running unique marathons now. No repeats. I am too old for repeats. I want a fresh experience EVERY time.

I am dying…we all are dying….butterflies…

I am way out of shape and usually in pain, so need to crank it back up. Don’t mess with the marathon fool! Today I did Fartlek. I did:

6 min mile X 3min        6 min mile X 3min        6 min mile X 3min

6 min mile X 3min        6 min mile X 3min        6 min mile X 3min

5:56 mile.

No biggie, but a good start to getting into shape…



Fuck you, Jerry Falwell! You see my friends got my back!



3 responses to “The News in the Note of C. Next Marathon?

  1. yea, fucking jerry fallwell, was listening to some bizarre rant he had on gays yesterday. the man is insane.
    I am about to check my but for dents.

    Memphis eh? What you writing about?

    And then,
    Good luck with your publishings, etc…


    God, its so fucking hot down here. It may have come to the point where if I don’t wake up at 5:30 to run, then im not running at all.

  2. Do you mean butt dimples? I heard those were genetic, and you either have them or don’t. When I heard that, I thought, Bummer.

  3. Are they? Well, my mom’s trainer might have fed her a line then…


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