Sean Loses Again but has Running Tip Like Looting Zoo.

Um, who in the hell runs down a road at night?

Today I got an email from Quarterly West telling me my short story collection was a finalist for their book contest. This is another way of saying I did not win.

This same collection was finalist for the Spokane Book Prize last year. And so on…


Somebody fucking publish my collection already.

So I was pretty pissed this morning. I needed pain. Like above video pain.

Fartlek AND Tabata!

3 min 6:00 pace 3 min 6:00 pace

4 min 6:00 pace 3 min 5:56 pace

3 min 5:56 pace 3 min 5:52 pace

Then the Tabata Protocol right after.

Here is workout tip. I call it the “Yawn” test. If you want a sure-fire way to judge the seriousness of a workout, one that increases fitness as opposed to only sustaining your current level, ask one question: Are you yawning immediately after? Like feeling you need a nap, now. Seriously, only a few workouts–esp if you are in shape–will have this effect. It’s a good way to measure your intensity. To assure yourself you are elevating the stress on the body, to get to the next level, the next, the…

Oh man did I just yawn. My legs whimper like secondhand flowers. There is a red dye of rational in my lung-works. Exhale, inhale, hear a click of good.


In better news Barrelhouse took a story of mine about cocaine. A shout-out to Samuel Ligon, since he helped me edit the story! I think it will be online in September.

Hayden’s Ferry took one too, about Che Guevara’s omelets.

I’ll link to all of that stuff when it comes out later, later, later.




I finished the new Quick Fiction 15. Strong, and great variety of style/voice/language flux. It did lean a little heavy on realism for my taste, but that’s not entirely true. A foot does go off walking (Taylur Thu Hien Ngo) and Andrew Michael Roberts drops some luscious language-centered glee on the mirrors of our eyeballs.

I like “Clerk” by Stefan Kiesbye. It is about a promiscuous 60 year old woman. and the young man who sold her running shoes. I would like to see more stories involving running shoes and sex. Some of the best were written by Andre Dubus.

I like “Flight to Maui” by Jen Marquardt. “Her neck was bent like a Klimt painting…” Word on that.

The best was “Heist” by Elizabeth Ellen. I read it several times. It is damn good, like cold air through cracks of the mind, under doors. It has word-play and more authors need to word play now. It felt human and real to me and I think that’s why we do this. To feel less alone in our meanderings. To make someone feel less alone. Also, in a sad way, which is the best way, it is funny.

To figure things out.

To figure.






2 responses to “Sean Loses Again but has Running Tip Like Looting Zoo.

  1. It is time for me to resume working out.
    For the past three weeks I have only run once maybe twice a week…..

  2. may run five k tomorrow

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