New Wigleaf Like Drinking Beer at the White House Crazy.


* The President picks Bud Lite! Uh, lame, and not even American. Poor, poor choice and a beer that is to actual beer as Cracker Barrel is to Southern eating. Taste like cardboard cut with gas station toys (sad, sad, nothing sadder than a toy bought at a gas station), cut with shuffling feet/legs. I thought Obama was supposed to be cool. I mean even Hillary shot some bourbon during the campaign. Oh well, dropped ball, sir, dropped ball.

I am depressed now.

* The cop picks…Blue fucking Moon? A Coors beer pretending to be a micro-brew, a beer of bad faith. Did you bring your little orange slice too, copper? Oh, and BTW, the Coors family are right wing republicans. Nice choice, dude, real smart. This cannot possibly be a cop’s beer of choice. Was he paid by Coors?

I have known only one cop I drank with regularly and he would walk into the bar, order two bottles of Sam Adams and a shot of vodka. He would shoot the vodka, slam one bottle of Sam Adams, then turn to me with the other in his hand and say, “OK, now I’m officially off duty.”

* The professor picks Red Stripe! I’m going to call this a decent choice, so much better than the others and the 4.7% alcohol content is respectful enough. Still an overall lame-ish beer, but it is summer, so I’m giving a pass here. Note how his beer in the glass looks like an actual fucking beer. He basically schooled the other chumps, as far as beer goes.

(UDATE! Whoa, I have now been informed the prof actually drank a Sam Adams Light. OK, well, I guess I’ll say too bad it’s a light beer, but this beer actually does taste OK, for a light beer. Man, well. Red Stripe would have been a better choice, dude.)

* Biden went ape-shit nuts. Non-alcoholic beer? Hello Alice. Can we get a bib for Biden over here? Yo Biden, where’s your drink umbrella, sir. Not even worth commenting on. Seriously. I mean  if he drank ONE ACTUAL BEER was he going to go on a bender and throw the table and chairs into the pool. Come on, Joe!


This is how we roll!


Tumbler time!

hillary cervesa

Bud lite my ass. We call this beer, sir.


Ok, whoa, whoa, Hillary. We get it: you’re one of us, but slow-it-down. Can Biden get this lady an O’Doul’s?


I just ran 14 miles and now my ass, R hamstring, L foot and ankle, inner thighs (slight chafing), and forehead hurts. (The forehead is residue from last night; I was playing tag/Hide N seek variation and hid beneath a Nissan and then hit my head on an oil pan in the process.)

I then ate huge nachos like wigleaf.

The new wigleaf is out and glowing!


I am going to read now.


I am going to be the new head editor of The Broken Plate in just a few days. I am nervous and excited.

Much more on this later.




4 responses to “New Wigleaf Like Drinking Beer at the White House Crazy.

  1. I’m excited to see this new Broken Plate and I want to challenge Hillary to a drinking contest.

    I can’t tell which I’m more excited about.

  2. They’re obviously all weak choices. Red Stripe, you are correct, would have been the best of the bunch. At least it shows character. But all those beers–except Sam Light–are not even American-owned. At least Sam Adams is a Boston beer. But then light. It is a good light beer, but really? The one beer you have super-publicly is going to be a light one?

    And Bud Lite? Jesus Christ. I mean, you want to make a point, make the right one. Two-hearted ale to the white house, STAT.

  3. Notice how it looks like Biden is jamming on air drums!!!

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