I Like Fried Chicken as my Buns OK.

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Worked hard last night with the students in 489, the very class that will produce The Broken Plate.

I was reminded of that rant from American Movie. Where Mark B says (I paraphrase), “We got this big cruise ship we are trying to sail and it’s like we got to feed all the people and sell all the tickets and figure out the entertainment and the engines got to work and figure out where we are going and keep this whole thing off the rocks like that…”

Mark is talking about making a movie. We are making a literary magazine, but you get the idea. For our first meeting, we threw out/discussed so many ideas. Exciting and daunting, thus exciting. (I am strong believer that the difficult is fun, as in engaging, as in stimulating.) A few things we addressed:

* How do we increase submissions?

* Blue or black pens?

* Marketing. How to sell last years and this year’s magazine.

* Prose editing, poetry editing. What will be our process. Just think of the logistics here!

* Design! Cover, ads, a T-shirt, etc.

* Update that web page!

* Interviews, reviews? A rabbit’s gnawed foot?

On and on and on….

Again, a lot to think about, a lot to decide, but really an enjoyable beginning.

I will blog more as we approach our Sept/Oct submission period.



I’ve been losing some weight as the marathon nears. Getting into “race shape” a bit. I made a huge mistake the other night. I usually run early in the day (really best for my biorhythms) but work has cranked up so I ran late the other night, about 7 pm. I did some fartlek:

4 min at 6:00 mile pace   (90 sec slower between)     4 min at 6:00 mile pace

4 min at 6:00 mile pace       4 min at 6:00 mile pace       4 min at 6:00 mile pace

4 min at 5:56 mile pace       4 min at 5:56 mile pace       2 min at 5:24 mile pace

A solid half hour of interval work. I was pretty knackeed after, but the mistake was this: My metabolism was out the roof after the workout. So I couldn’t sleep. As you probably know, a body stays in a high “zone” after working out, continuing to consume calories in a sort of after-burn. I tossed, turned, had bizarre little snap dreams. A rough night overall.

Don’t exercise right before bed, people!


Dave Eggers has a story in New Yorker. Way to go Dave, great story. Loved the sailboat part.


Here is a sandwich where the buns are made of fried chicken. KFC has created a sandwich where the fucking bun is made of fried chicken. Another advance for humanity!

Someone email me and say this is a hoax.



HTML GIANT i got bizness with you. I am about to go talk bizness after I post this little sparrow.


Len Kuntz writes a better story over at elimae.

“For dinner he spits sunflower seeds onto the sunflower seeds beneath his chair.”



husks of….


I ripped this from Ben Mirov’s blog. Wow. I say wow. I mean just it’s very length makes it kinda bad-ass. What do you people think? A comment on fragmentation, on options? Anyway, I like.

A Jar of Balloons or The Uncooked Rice, Matthew Yeager.

(What are you doing? Read.)


I just took this photo out my window. Life can be pretty cool sometimes…



3 responses to “I Like Fried Chicken as my Buns OK.

  1. * Update that web page!

    Yeah. I been checking your new gig out. The web page. Hmmmm.

    Congrats though on this venture. Excited for a new venue and for you as the BossNess.

  2. JD, aka Negative adam, aka, top copy, aka.

    a. that is a good photo: congrats.
    b. I am been wondering if that is a hoax myself, the chicken thing. I have seen it too
    c. Eggers helped write the screenplay for the upcoming movie adaptation for “Where the Wild Things Are,” a children book of the same name. So, I guess maybe he wrote that first, and then turned it into a screenplay? I don’t know.

  3. My God that KFC chicken thing is disturbing.

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