Robert Scott Leyes Responds! Major Awesome Flame!

Oh man, did I just get an epic email and link. A few days ago I took umbrage to Robert Scott Leyes and his attack on the genre of flash fiction. You can read my attack of his attack here.

Then he goes and adds an addendum to his interview concerning flash. THIS IS SWEET! and basically bad-ass. SCROLL DOWN TO QUESTION TEN, ABOUT FLASH. Dude major flames me like Kelly Clarkson. I’ll give you some highlights.

Robert Scott Leyes says:

Curiously, Sean Aden Lovelace begins his rant by chiding my use of first, middle, and last names as a published author when he does the very same thing,

(Whoa, I never noticed this about my name. It’s like William Carlos Williams.)

Actually, I’m sure you live with your Mommy and that she frequently locks you in the closet for ingesting horse manure,

(This is frighteningly accurate. Is this guy a psychic?)

“semi-literate” is what he calls my own writing and I never thought it really met that high of a standard. Maybe tri-literate. Anyway, it’s bad stuff, so I can’t but agree with Robert Scott Leyse here.

He then attacks my chapbook “Grass.” Now come on, sir, have you no shame? That’s like attacking Guam, or really bad Jell-O. Dude, you should read HOW SOME PEOPLE LIKE THEIR EGGS for a real laugh.

(Dude I had to review my own book on Amazon. No one else would read it. I even tried paying them. Amazon sponsors a rad lit mag, BTW.)

He then calls me 9 years old. Apparently, he’s never really met me. I go about 7 on a good day, pal.

He then writes an open letter to my university and place of employment.

Powers that be at Ball State University 2000 W. University Ave. Muncie, IN: you have a person in your employ who thinks nothing of attacking people on the Internet without knowing the first thing about them, and contradicting and making a fool of himself in the process. Is this really the sort of person you want teaching the students of your school? Is this the sort of person that parents of students had in mind when they were setting their hard earned money aside to provide their children with an education? Must your students (i.e., your customers) settle for an irresponsible instructor who unconscionably attacks complete strangers with zero facts at his disposal and has no ability to argue logically? I am positive that there are far more worthy candidates for his position, and that the parents who are paying the bills would agree with me.

Again, tough to disagree with anything here. I am certainly not the “sort of person” the parents had in mind for their customers. I am going to post this in my office as a reminder to do better.

Ah, my post isn’t doing Robert Scott Leyse justice. Go read his interview. He also attacks my nachos. Apparently, he’s not a fan of my blog. Nachos! That one hurt, sir.

Anyway, I am about to go  order dude’s book to try to makeup. I was irresponsible in my attack to his attack and most likely too personal. I should have focused only on the genre, not the man. I do apologize, and I will also work on being a better professor.


You can buy his book here. It is from ShatterColors Press.

Back to the novel.

Here are some excerpts and stuff. Looks good to me. I’ll see in a few days.

And please don’t COMMENT to this post by flaming Mr. Robert Scott Leyse. I am sincerely sorry I hurt his feelings.

Open letter to Robert Scott Leyse from Sean Aden Lovelace.

Sorry, dude. (And whether you accept my apology or not, your rant was awesome. I agree with pretty much all of it [except for the attack of nachos] so are we done? I pray so.)

{also flash kicks ass}



Ran a wicked YASSO 800 today.

6:00 pace for 3 min     6:00 pace for 3 min     6:00 pace for 3 min

6:00 pace for 3 min     6:00 pace for 3 min     6:00 pace for 3 min

6:00 pace for 3 min     6:00 pace for 3 min     6:00 pace for 3 min

6:00 pace for 3 min     5:45 mile pace for 6 minutes.

Whew. Excellent work for the upcoming marathon. Feel like I’m in good flow right now. We’ll see.



25 responses to “Robert Scott Leyes Responds! Major Awesome Flame!

  1. God, the idea that students are “customers” makes me wretch inside my mouth. Totally indicative of what’s currently wrong with higher education.

    That is not a flame of Robert Scott Leyse.

  2. Does this mean I am no longer in the company of aesop et al…?

  3. Ha. fuck this guy.

  4. Andrew Clark-Kennedy

    Maybe I should’ve put my full name and email address, in case R.S.L. wants to give me free publicity, too.

    I have a feeling he’ll find this since “a friend calls me up, laughing” is a well-known code for “so I was Googling myself again…”

    Robert Scott Leyse, my name is Andrew Clark-Kennedy, and my blog is I rarely update and everything I write is crap. Fire away.

  5. Wow. He was pretty angry. You must have hit a nerve.

  6. Man, I can’t believe he wrote to Ball State about being attacked on the internet.
    Oh man, The Phew.
    Maybe you guys will now drink lots of hard things togethz.

    -Ain’t no flame, ain’t got no fire.

  7. john David Lovdunce

    I am going to have to admit here to kind of liking Lovdunce.

  8. Sean,

    Thanks for your last email; and, yup, next year I’m going to add flash fiction to what Sliptongue.Com will accept (in sets of 3, to be published together).

    Invective’s always a good time but, yes, we are done. Show’s over, folks.

    Be well,



    As for you, ACK: some of us do have friends, believe it or not (it’s a phenomenon I suggest you investigate). You are one sorry little groveling pussyworm of a masochist, aren’t you? My advice: pay a 300 pound hooker to sit on your face.

  9. This is my favorite:

    “Nor have they ever held it against me that I chose to answer question # 10 in a sassy manner, since they are bright people who understand what irony is.”

    The idea that you (Sean) can’t identify irony gives me a case of the serious tittles.

  10. Hey Scott (he really doesn’t go by three names, and, uh neither do I) and I made up. Douse the flames.

    I hope this was good for flash fiction. I think so.


  11. That follow up to ACK a bit much. Jesus. Play nice.

    Ok, I need to go teach editing now.


  12. john David Lovdunce

    I think RSL pokes ACK all in good fun.
    Don’t you RSL? No one really says “Groveling”
    and any mention of 300 lb whore means you have a sense of humor.

  13. Hey Sean,

    Everything cool at work?


  14. Sean,

    Invective is often productive aside from being a balls-out good time. Flash fiction has gained a convert (I never hated it, at most I ignored it) and Sliptongue will begin to feature it.

    As for responding to people who are rude: all I can say is that I am essentially a peace-loving person and that I NEVER initiate attacks. But I was brought up to defend myself.

    But it is YOUR blog so I will abide by your wishes on it, and not stray again.

    Happy fly-casting!


  15. Ok, everyone chill. Party’s over. Let’s move along and write/read something or run til our knees explode into confetti.

    Work is cool, M

    Submit call to The Broken Plate coming soon. Our submission period is OPEN.


  16. JDL,

    Yup, was jus’ playin.’ But sometimes that’s misinterpreted. I won’t play like that here no mo’.

    Wrote a humorous novel and run a site that encourages erotic humor… Yeah, I like the humor stuff; but actually prefer my hookers to be slender, decked out in 18 Century petticoats, and able to perform tricks with candle-wicks.

  17. That was the first time I’ve tried that joke. What did you think?

  18. Adam, I speak for the masses…it killed! If I may add, it might have killed more folks if you’d said, These pretzels are making me firsty!

  19. Ha!

    You seem alright Mr. Leyse. Who dese candlewick chicks and what exactly do they do that I can’t tell my momma?

  20. Wow, this was like a master class in how to deal. Super cool.

  21. It killed, Adam R. It killed.

  22. Heh. I hope some of your students read this and start calling you “Professor LovDunce.”

  23. i had a dream last night wherein i was partaking in beers with Sean, and in that dream, i called him LovDunce.

    i woke up thinking how awesome the world is.

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