Pank does eggs. Submit to The Broken Plate! Ken Sparling. Flash Fiction Atwood Style.

Pank with a super-kind review of EGGS here. I thank thee 14 times.

Several people have come up to me and said, “I don’t eat eggs,” as if my chapbook is about eating eggs. Well, I don’t eggs either. So.

I have been reading Pank more and more. I think I just like the word PANK. It sounds sexy and then also like a snack item you would find at a horse track or something and maybe like some type of verb, like possibly a bad shot in disc golf into a tree, flopping into river, and I say, “Dude, you just panked that one.”

The Yukon lay a mile wide and hidden under three feet of ice. On top of this ice were as many feet of Pank.

I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I Panked him.

“I don’t like it,” muttered an old woman, as she hobbled into the meetinghouse. “He has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his Pank.”

PANK has a cool new contest, 1001 words or less.

I was going to enter but they just reviewed my chapbook and I have a piece in Pank soon, so I think it would be a bit much to enter the contest. Or maybe not? Sometimes I think weird things.

children (49) copy

(I ripped this painting from the Royal Art Lodge. Very bad-ass stuff going on there)

Ethel Rohan is very kind here. Thank you for reading EGGS!


Oh man cool interview with Ken Sparling. I love this dude, period. His writing I can honestly say has inspired me in many ways. Read The Chapbook Review interview here.

I need to review some chapbooks soon. I feel it inside. So I contacted Chapbook Review and said send me a chapbook to review I need this inside like hotel, climb walls, shove, like logger horses and apple-tree branches and maybe I remember the day I leaped off the moving truck and knocked unconscious in the center of the country highway, all out and splayed-out like a pinned frog, biology lab muscle twitch, and woke up in the night OK, OK, I think OK, though an armful of words can often heat only one stove of What Happened and I did vomit later in the kitchen sink maybe or the garbage can, aquarium, etc.–and so Chapbook Review went, OK.

So I will review a chapbook pretty soon.


I have some readings coming up. I will blog about that later.



Wow, this immersion class/practicum/literary magazine has really been challenging and enjoyable so far for me as a professor/editor/writer. We met last night and

Worked on our snazzy ad to place at HTML GIANT. (You will see it soon–we have to vote on which one to use.) I did a big advertising lecture for the class. We discussed CALL TO ACTION and KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and THE SYMBOLISM OF COLORS and IS IT ETHICAL TO HAVE A FAKE BUTTON ON YOUR AD and PSYCHOLOGY OF ONLINE ADS and NEVER USE THE COLOR YELLOW and all types of other marketing information.

Worked on a T shirt idea.

Decided on PROSE and POETRY and SUBMISSION editors and teams, and a design team.

WILL YOU SUBMIT ALREADY? Our submission period is Sept 1–thru–Oct 31, so get your ass moving.

Oh, and if you don’t get in the magazine, don’t get on my COMMENTS section and rant about my writing or my mom, etc. And if you DO get in, don’t buy me a beer. THE STUDENTS ARE THE EDITORS AND THE READING IS BLIND.


(Wait, you can actually buy me a beer whenever you want, although it will have to be on a Fri or a Sat. For the last month, I have drank only on Fri or Sat.)


I am reading Murder in the Dark by Margaret Atwood. It is flash fiction (including the popular Happy Endings) and prose poems. It is published in 1983 so it looks like people were writing flash fiction in 1983. Also it looks like Margaret Atwood writes flash fiction. This book be wicked.


I am running a 9 mile trail race Saturday. We’ll see…won’t we?

PANK below

water disc



4 responses to “Pank does eggs. Submit to The Broken Plate! Ken Sparling. Flash Fiction Atwood Style.

  1. Panks for the memories.




  3. PANK and Roxane are awesome.

    “I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I Panked him.” I could see Colin saying that in a deleted “In Bruges” scene.

    Just signed up for a Nov 28 marathon, my first. I want to get those ass dents you were talking about. Doubtful I will, but something to shoot for, for sure.

    Oh and thanks for the kind words on F-aut about my mother/son stuttering story (broken bond when he stops stuttering). PANK took it.

  4. Thanks for the shout out about the contest! It would not be too much to enter the contest, says the greedy contest thrower.

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