Run, Gamble, etc.

Knackered now. Just ran a 9.5 mile trail race. Rather gnarly. Will blog later…Quite a lot went on. Trail runners are not like road runners. Weird but cool scene. I think I like trail runners.


I finally found my old college bookie, an Irish poet named Kolly F____. Took a lot of internet work, but she now takes my bets once again. Here are my college bets if you want free lunch. My dad told me there are no free lunches over and over and over, so I am back-lashing dad’s advice. You know the backlash, right? Like my dad always treated orange juice as gold. We couldn’t drink it, maybe once a week, and if we did, it was poured into the these weird little glasses, like with blurry bubbles on the side and narrow as a mind, and about the size of a can of needles. So dad would half-fill these glasses and make sure we finished it all. So I guess a gallon of OJ maybe lasted 3 months. Wow.

First thing I did after getting my first paycheck as a registered nurse (after the shock at the amount [large]!–I was about 23), was to go to the store, buy 3,000 beers and a ginormous TV, then purchase two gallons of orange juice. I got home and drained both gallons, right there in my kitchen. It felt good. Then next day I bought two more gallons and drank them down.

This is what young people do. Better or worse.

[Why did the teenager cross the road?

His parents told him not to…]

Any cred with bets they have to be on the blog BEFORE the games. Here they are:

Take: Illinois (-7 half)

Take: Army (+4)

Take Georgia and the Under parlay.

Well, there you go, Frosh. Now wait for the cash to roll in like Kelly Clarkson.

I am sore now. Sore.


There it is….

How I did later. How I did.



Update, 5:30 pm: Illini pick looking really bad. I told you no free orange juice! How would I know the best player in the game would be gone after one play?

Legs feel like registration slips.


Poor night. GA game went under but Ga did not win. The only silver lining is I bet BYU to cover. Uh, they won.

So, since I bet about average $5 per bet (why do I bet? The hell of it, the light rush), I’m thinking I’m 10$ down after this night.

UH, who cares? Good point. Will try to make up with a good trail race blog rather soon.



One response to “Run, Gamble, etc.

  1. dude, now you are posting picks on your site, nice.
    pro starts next week , I mean, thursday

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