Barrelhouse. Elvis. Tree.

I go Barrelhousing.

It involves Elvis and cocaine so what do you want, people?


I did a 5:12 pace Tabata Protocol today. Felt good. My last even decent workout before the Air Force Marathon on Saturday. Time to shut it down now. Feel OK. Hope marathon goes swell. Who knows? Every marathon is a different country, a visit to a strange place, new locale. This is one enticement of the mystical distance, I suppose. Could go well, could go badly, but will be interesting, no doubt.


I played some wicked disc golf in Cincinnati this weekend. How did it go?


That is me, in a tree.


Will blog more later about some great authors I’ve been reading. Just got some sweet chapbooks too. Now I need to sleep like a machinery.



3 responses to “Barrelhouse. Elvis. Tree.

  1. coolness where in cincy? good luck in the run yo

  2. I’ve started running again, first time in years. Literal years. A handful. Marathons seem like county-to-county. Not around the lake 4 times like I’m used to. This is why my hamstrings go horsehair viola bow on me after 20 minutes.

    Gah. Good luck, Sean.


  3. im over the word “Tabata”

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