Nacho Day Clarification Folks!!

Today IS International Nacho Day, this we know. Ok, OK, eat nachos, I implore you (but I would anyway).


(I’m not explaining this pic…oh Doug.)

BUT, I am really more invested in November 6 this year, National Nacho Day (scroll down to foods–yes this thing is all congressional and shit). (I have been on both sides of the Nacho Wars between these dates, and am exhausted by the issue. We are going November 6 this year. [Do you hear me, Sara?]) I really want everyone who reads this blog to eat nachos on that day, write about the experience, and send me the results. A nacho anthology. More details later.

My Lunch:



7 responses to “Nacho Day Clarification Folks!!

  1. the more you blog about nachos the less i believe you

  2. Erimus Octavius IV

    ha ha.
    no. the dude eats nachos. and sometimes, maybe, a handful of peanuts.

  3. As his wife I can vouch for Sean…he really really does eat nachos just about every day…sometimes twice a day….seriously. Especially when he doesn’t have venison to cook. Hopefully he is taking care of that situation right now out in the woods.

  4. Yesss I am off work on the 6th and will have time to plan optimal nacho consumption tactics.

    Today is too sudden, international nachos will not be possible. I am nachoethnocentric.

  5. Gerald T. Thornius III

    Sometimes i look at your nachos pictures and it looks like you made your chips, sat them in a plate on the floor, and then throw beans, rice, maybe some salsa, straight into the air, and hoped for the best

  6. That IS how I make nachos

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