Sunday is a Mechanical Flea

I want to do some really shitty mechanic work on my car. Like I want to change the oil but leave the little nut on, or mis-thread the nut or something and oil all dripping behind my car and staining my driveway all permanent Rorschach potato flavored glisten can’t get out really but can try with kitty litter. I want to work on the wiring under the hood. Like mix the red and blue wires all MacGyver Level Four and cause a small fire and have to call those car guys that laugh too much and dishonestly and then they tell me how I spell my name and maybe a chipmunk got under my hood and burned up and then more laughing. I want to tape my ceiling cloth and I tape it wrong and it dangles atop my head, I feel it in my hair. I want to fix the little lock on the glove compartment but then I squeeze vice grips too hard and shatter the plastic and now the thing yawns open, always.  I want to put a tire on wrong and have it tumble off on the highway, rolling along the shoulder like a ghost tire and I’m gripping the steering wheel while I slide off into a ditch. I just want to work on my car in a really, really, seriously shitty manner. That’s what I want to do.


Tomorrow a publisher tells me something good or maybe not so good.


There is a waffle shortage going on.


Going to go float in fog.


Lunch is Level Seven:





8 responses to “Sunday is a Mechanical Flea

  1. I like the term “ceiling cloth.”

    I once replaced the headliner in my Nova (“no go” en espanol) — much scraping of old glue from foam lining — not recommended for amateurs.

  2. First Leutenant Thorton R. McMurphy

    Man, those nachos look good. That is what I want to do tonight. I like the blue/black chips. I want hot salse so bad right now. It is 9:28 in the morning, the library is quiet. I have an extremely small hangover, just enough to make me sleepy and bored. But I feel like hot sauce would wake me the fuck up right now.
    Craving it, and nachos…this early….Craving.
    Bowl of oatmeal just does not kick start a day the right way at all does it?

    I took out a morgage on my house to bet on titans tonight.

  3. DD, I will never forget the casino trip where your fucking tire exploded, way overdue, BTW (for an explosion).


  4. That casino trip was great!! surreal to be sitting on the highway in the wee hours while you guys tried to change the tire, but we all made it home.

    DD, did Sean ever tell you about our car blowing a water pump on the way to the casino one day??

  5. So did you get a good word from the publisher? And, oh, I’ve had the mechanic urge before, too. In my case, it passed. Labor and all.

  6. Is having car trouble traveling to or from a casino a bad sign?

    Or unlucky w/ automobile, lucky @ cards.

    Of course, if you never make it to the casino…

  7. Not yet, but usually when publishers say they will contact me on Monday I hear from them on Thursday.

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