Gale Disc Golf

Disc golf was tough today but the other option was to walk shyly to a side door. As much as I like side doors (I really do), today was not the day. So I went all 2-in-the-afternoon, all night sweat and comforting Cone, Canopy.

Temp: 25 degrees.

Wind Chill: 7 degrees.

Winds: 37 mph steady.

Gusts: Up to 50 mph.

Yes. Fun.

I could not feel my fingers, but fuck my fingers. I mean fuck feeling them. Sorry, fuck is a strong word. I mean forget your fingers. Feeling your own fingers is overrated.

Dumb kids (in snow).

When you give energetic thumbs-ups to cameras, it means you are sloppy depressed. So I hope Sara is OK now.



One response to “Gale Disc Golf

  1. Gerald T. Thornius III

    you are an idiot

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