HTML Giant and Ander Monson and Snow, Wonderful Snow!

My backyard this morning. I don’t care how old I am, the first good snow makes me feel giddy. I grew up in Memphis, TN. We had snow maybe twice a decade. When it snowed, we ran through the streets yelling like Tremendous  Snakes. We were so damn happy. I woke to this, and smiled.


I write for HTML Giant now. Enough said.


Ander Monson, at Emerging Writer’s Network, gives a shout-out to Eggs. (See that book over there to the right of this page? Why not read it?)

That is kind, and I thank.


This is my new bow. It shoots arrows at the speed of a soul raptured to heaven. I like it.

The cool thing is I was thinking, “How do you pose a bow?” And I tried different shots. It made me feel stupid. I am stupid.


I am impressed by this. Then again, I am a Jamie Iredell groupie.



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