JMWW all Fnaut all Marathon all

(Lawrence Weschler)

New JMWW is out, with a “real-time interview” with Joseph Young, Mary Miller, Adam Robinson.

I see the words Mary Miller and interview, and I read.

I am seeing more and more of these “interviews” in chat form, or IM, or iwhatever technology, and it interests me, the flow, back-n-forth, the built hotels of word-bricks, of winter icicles popping, the way green doors open (and close?), same and differ than a more traditional interview form. Voice and tone is certainly changed, and it’s a bit more organic, as in tentacles to cups. I’ll be interested to see how the genre evolves. Already we have chat entering fiction (Tao Lin, taken directly from the author’s own life) and essay (Wendy Rawlings and emails). We shall see.


Fictionaut has my “nacho” essay as “Faved,” a new feature. That text sure has had some run, so I am thankful.


Speaking of run, I almost have my 2010 plans hashed out. I think I want to do three marathons, beginning with the Music City Marathon in Nashville. I would like to go sub 3 hours here. They play country music is the only big concern. When I hear country music my retinas detach, so I plan on running blind.

I might be running a truly insane Oct marathon, but we will see. It will be one of those “This is the only marathon like this in the world” efforts, but some things have to fall in place. If I do run this race, it will most likely kill me, but that’s cool. I mean I’m OK with that result.

The third I need a summer one…we’ll see. Still looking.

Today I started my training for the April 24 Nash-vegas one. Three miles. Wow, that isn’t much, but that’s what the plan called for, folks, and I am following the plan. It is by Hal Higdon. It is here.


“I’ve talked a lot about writing. But I don’t know what it is.”



4 responses to “JMWW all Fnaut all Marathon all

  1. I just figured that the country music would make me want to run faster to get it over ….

  2. senior Dick face.

    man, im not going to get all, “IM DOING IT!” because if i don’t i will feel like a dick.
    Hal trained me for my first five K, and had me ready for a ten k i never ran.

  3. Maybe you already know about this, but:

  4. Hey thanks, Andrew. I actually got several hot sauces over holidays so this has been on my mind.

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