2nd Serving of Eggs. Yassos. All that.

Wow, good newz. Feel like a Kentucky sunset. People like Eggs. Cool book-a-coming! Will be Sally. Like extra Sally. As Eggs will join other fiction collections, to be published in Spring 2011 by Rose Metal as one-fifth of a multi-author volume. This baby will feature Mary Miller (You haven’t read Big World? You are a clod of noses.) , Elizabeth Colen, John Jodzio, Tim Jones-Yelvington. And me.


I mean to post all the reviews of Eggs but cannot imagine the point. I might put them over there on the right, like some do. Anyone, the reviews have been many and strong and I want to give a big-ass thank you to all who took the time to read, write about the read. Wow.


The story that will not die. More on Lish and Carver.


Matt Bell interview very strong. Part one and two. This is sick, so much smart stuff. I read this and felt 1.) dumb (I feel this often), 2.) Now smarter, 3.) A helper in a glass-blowing demonstration. I felt keen. Glow of glass. I made something.



I went 6:00 mile pace for the first 2 800s, then went 5:56 X 2, 5:52 X 2, 5:49 X 2. I think it is important to increase speed/intensity as you near the end of a workout. To actually grind harder as you fatigue. This is what will prepare you for the marathon. Once you get into flow, take advantage of the flow. Use the flow to hammer, to get into the crucible. You know what I mean? You have to be in shape first, but once you get fit, the world is your workout, the workout your world. And it’s such a creative act. Every run is this castle of sweat and time and speed and something intangible–runners know the Place–and you craft and curve and shape this thing, this workout, this glowing castle, and it is corporeal and incorporeal, I mean it lasts for those minutes but then all the glow after, the muscles response after, the blood and hurt of the lungs, the growing, the day you toe the line, the day you cross the line, the day you finish one thing, start another. It is a castle big as you then big as the universe of running. Maybe castle isn’t the correct term, the image, but maybe a castle of shimmering air, of movement, of blur.

Felt good. Sort of sick of people wondering if these workouts are for real. Some debate whether Yasso can predict race time. Do them. Build up to 10 or more. They are for real. Have run many marathons and race times built on believing this workout. I think it real.


John Madera reviews Jospeh Young’s Easter Rabbit here. I’d like to see more micro-fictions in the realm, more image based, floating in words.

Examples here.


I had tofu refried beans nachos last night. I need Dave’s Insanity Sauce.


I told you good newz.

Dzanc Best of the Web 2010 will include my Casablanca ode.



I miss fishing. I wish I was fishing. I hate the cold.



2 responses to “2nd Serving of Eggs. Yassos. All that.

  1. although a lot of what Sean writes in his blog is fiction (including his love of nachos)…his running accounts are 100% true

  2. Why do peeps keep hating on nachos?

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