Washtenaw County Women’s Poetry Collective and Casserole Society sent me a book of poetry and it blew me away. I review it over at HTML.


Here’s a new flash fiction at Literary Buffalo. It includes disc golf. Hollar!


I wrote about the World Cup at Juked.

I will miss the World Cup. especial on HD TV. I think HD was made for soccer. Glow green glow. I will not miss the whiny players who roll around in fake grimaces/grabs at knees/silly scowls and I will not miss the Vuvuzela (OK, maybe  a little), but I learned a lot watching the game this year, a bit more about spacing and flow and off-sides and also I enjoy the clock not stopping, no commercials, game rolling on like diet 7-UPs of nitrogen flowers/rain. I like to watch Brazil play. Also the U.S. You watch and think, “American soccer a little clunky, herky-jerky. Brazilian soccer flow.” Oh, and the Brazilian players are better, even I can see that.


Mud Luscious 12 is here. I’m in there will something about rain.


A reporter writes an article about a man yelling about nachos.

The Distracted Housewife suggests nachos.

Microwave nacho recipe.



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